The Boards

Who says the Americans can have all the fun? DVE Wake is a British wakeboard company proudly hand crafting each wakeboard to order.

Every wanted your own wakeboard? I mean truly your own, your length, your rocker, your shape and even your own graphics? DVE Wake can make that dream come true. Customised hand crafted wakeboards here in the UK.

After years of research and testing, DVE Wake have created a line of wakeboards engineered and crafted with customised flex patterns to perform seamlessly behind the boat or at the cable.

Extensive testing has proven the hybrid 3-stage base shape of the board to perform and react consistently whether stomping that whirly into the flats, 900 off the kicker or simply enjoying the glass and laying out a sweet butter.

Each DVE wakeboard has a flex pattern, custom engineered specifically to perform behind the boat, at the cable park or a hybrid of the two. Carbon and/or glass fibre stringers, biaxial fabrics and a few others allows us to fully control the flex and torsion patterns & profiles to suit your style of riding.

Flex profiles:

Boat – Uber stiff, loads of pop – you’ll be touching the clouds before you know it

Cable – Flexible tips and stiff where it needs to be – this is no flexy floppy damp squib –┬ástore the energy and pop the nose of the rail.

Hybrid – somewhere between the two, it won’t absorb the wake’s energy like a flex board does but it will still flex a bit on the rails.

DVE Wakeboards are available in lengths 132, 137 & 142. Of course if you want something in between then see the custom build boards.